Travis Nicholson (@travisn)

Travis is the founder, editor and designer of Flagrant Fowl. He is a person that lives in Vancouver, BC and a basketball player that grew up south of Toronto, but miraculously still in Canada. Played high school basketball in And1 Tai-Chis and probably won’t ever be that cool ever again. He will shoot when open, and sometimes when not open. He is ultimately trying to figure out whether or not good branding, and good branding alone, can win an NBA championship.



@thirstyvillain is eight feet tall and a hundred pounds, so yeah of course he can dunk. He can also write blog posts and toss up other word salads for Flagrant Fowl. He lives, breathes, sleeps and eats cured meats in Toronto and once saw a seagull pick up a whole panzerotto. He plays basketball at a church every Saturday. On Sunday, he reads psalms at the gym.